PARC conducts seminar for rice farmers

Staff Reporter

PARC organized rice field seminar at Zaidi Farms, Kakar Gill, Shaikupura. Chairman PARC, Dr. Muhammad Azeem Khan was the chief guest while Member (NR) Dr. Sarfraz Ahmed; PSO, PI. Rice CEWRI-NARC, Dr. Ghani Akbar; DG Extension, Punjab Dr. Muhammad Anjum Ali, with farmers and professionals attended this seminar.

Dr. Muhammad Azeem Khan, Chairman, PARC viewed seminars as important part of farmer’s support system.

By connecting scientists, extension workers and farmers,it provide inclusive approach to agriculture system.

Currently we are working for introducing improved water management technologies in rice-wheat farming system so that our rapidly depleting ground water resources could be saved.

Also to mitigate climate change impacts on rice-wheat cropping system, PARC’s Climate Change, Energy Conservation and Water resource Institute (CEWRI) is researching in the areas of climate adaptation, water and energy management.