Palestinians brutalised by Zionists | By Nazim Uddin


Palestinians brutalised by Zionists

THE recent bombing campaign in Gaza is yet another manifestation of receding conscience of the world. Of course, they are non-whites.

The US may say nothing of human rights violations that have been carried out by the apartheid state.

More than three dozen people including 6 children have been martyred by Israeli army. According to reports, one strike killed a senior military leader of Islamic Jihad—a deadly militant group operating in Gaza.

In May, the Israeli forces shot many Palestinians dead including Shireen Abu Akleh.

While the poor Palestinians suffer, the West is enamoured with other important issues such as confronting China and sending more weapons to Ukraine.

For the record since 2007, Gaza has been under the Israeli and Egyptian blockade. The UN special rapporteur on Palestine said that the air strikes on the besieged Gaza were “not only illegal but irresponsible” too.

Since the inception of Abraham Accord, there has been an uptick in Israeli war crimes.

Considering the impatience of Arab world to normalize relations with Israel at the cost of homeless Palestinians, the Zionist state seems poised to dismantle the very people who have been ghettoized since 1967.

There was no morality in world politics—it was all self-interest that defined the actions of states—but now the situation has metastasized to another degree.

For instance, there was a think support base for the Palestinian Cause, which doesn’t exist today apart from very few countries.

Although US power has been in decline, it is still the sole guarantor of world affairs, sanctions and others.

The US is the freest society thanks to the vision of the founding fathers, but the unimaginable support for Israel on both sides of the political divide is literally mind-boggling.

The US has subsidized suffering of the people by giving Israel economic and military aid worth 4 billion dollars each year since 1967.

Although we cannot do anything about it, there are ways we can improve ourselves so that our says will be heard one day.

The pain of Muslims across the globe seems unending and consolidated for obvious reasons.

When Palestinians were given options back in 1948, then 1967 and in the 1970s for a two-state solution, their leadership didn’t accept it despite failures.

Israel moved ahead with the blessing of Uncle Sam and gradually gobbled not only the West Bank but blocked Gaza Strip as well.

There is no denying that resistance should be there, however, at the end of the day, the situation must be solved via negotiations and talks.

On many occasions like the Camp David Accord and the Oslo Accord, bad timings vitiated the talks.

The element of militancy and extremism also play havoc on part of Palestinians.

For Israel to survive in the area, there should be a cordial relationship between the Jews and Muslims.

If today, a two-state solution seems impossible, Arab Muslims should be given equal citizenship rights.

Illegal settlements must end because they stoke hatred, mutual antagonism and disasters.

—The writer is contributing columnist ,based in Islamabad.


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