PAL to host inaugural of book ‘Muhammad in Modern Times’


Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) and Literary Organization Zavia will host the inaugural ceremony of Uxi Mufti’s book “Muhammad in Modern Times” on December 13.

Former Chairman PAL Iftikhar Arif will preside over the inaugural ceremony while Chairman PAL Dr. Muhammad Yousuf Khushk will grace the occasion as guest of honour. In addition to that renowned scholars including Dr. Khalid Masood, Justice Dr. Muhammad Al-Ghazali, Mohammad Hameed Shahid, Professor Dr. Najeeba Arif and Sara Shahab would express their views about the book.

Talking to media man , cultural expert and the author of “Muhammad in Modern Times” Uxi Mufti said that the book has been written for non-believers and students which have built their knowledge bank from internet sources.

He said that the internet has been bombarded with ambiguous information due to which youngsters could not explore the inspiring life of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) and there was a need to retold the prophet’s story in modern times.

He said the life of Muhammad is very well documented but the said book is primarily a rejoinder to Western criticism. “The work is based on authentic research but it is neither for academia, nor it is structured scholastic tradition”, he added.

Mufti highlighted that the learned scholars have limited access to the internet for answering the biases due to which the right perspective could not reach to those surfing the internet.

He said the book is for general readers, particularly those who sincerely wish to know but misperceive many aspects of the cultures of the East