Pakistan’s rice exports to China crosses 1,111,352 tons


Pakistan’s rice export to China in the first three quarters of this year surpassed US$421.94 million with a volume of 1,111,352.57 tons (more than one million tonnes), for the first time in history, Gwadar Pro reported on Friday quoting China’s General Administration of Customs.

The Customs’ Data showed that during the first nine months of 2022, bilateral trade increased significantly and China imported more than one million tons of different types of rice increasing 45 % while last year in the same period it was more than 674,646.876 tons by volume, worth $290 million an increase of $131.91 million from 2021.

According to GACC, Pakistan’s broken rice (commodity code: 10064020) export to China has crossed US$ 159.72million, increasing by 80% as compared to last year’s US$ 87.75 million in the same period, with the exported volume growing 38% from 401,867.79 tons last year in the same period tons to 491,678.15 tons.

The GACC data showed that in the first nine months of 2022, China imported more than 4,971,644.621 tons of three different types of rice worth US$ 2.05 billion, increasing 19% by volume from last year’s 3452523.288 tons in the same period worth $1.55 billion from the globe. The main sources of rice imports are Myanmar, Cambodia, India, Pakistan, Thailand, and Vietnam.—INP

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