Pakistan’s looming energy crisis


Former Federal Minister for Petroleum, Dr. Asim Hussain, while talking informally to the media representatives outside the accountability court, said that yesterday the Prime Minister announced that the cost of energy is 27 billion dollars per year. First thing is that where from you gave that. Secondly, I said in 2012 that the gas that is there will not be there after ten to twelve years if the policy of 2012 is not implemented and I can say with 80% certainty that there will be no gas in the country next year.

He said that It was around four billion when I left the ministry, now it is sitting on top of 2.5 billion BCF and if one billion falls further then one billion is not enough for the lines. The biggest desire of the country, the need of the people, the need of the industry and the country is energy in any form. And I understand that it has not been worked on at all and is not being worked on and I do not see it being worked on permanently.

Hussain further said that Pakistan is currently facing a very serious situation where from 27 billion if it increases to five or ten billion, then every educated person and especially the media can understand the consequences.

If the people do not show courage and do not correct things, then the country may face a dangerous economic crisis.