Pakistan’s future linked with democracy, says Army Chief Gen Bajwa


Moral authority is mightier than military prowess
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Pakistan’s future is linked with democracy, Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa said on Tuesday while addressing representatives of youth from across Sindh. Recalling Pakistan Army’s achievement, he said that “we have freed Karachi from terrorists. “
He identified two reasons for the success of armed forces in wiping out terrorists.
“Firstly, our mothers give birth to children who are prepared to sacrifice their lives. They are willing to give their blood when asked for sweat. And then there is a principle in the army that officers never ask soldiers to “advance”; they ask them to follow,” he said.
The army chief lauded the services rendered by jawans from Sindh and highlighted the key role the province had played in the creation of Pakistan.
“They are immensely hardworking. They are extremely loyal, “he said of jawans of Pakistan army belonging to Sindh.
Underscoring the importance of youth, he said Pakistan’s future lies in their hands and they are the ones who will set the direction of the Islamic republic as its leaders. He said the youth can take the country forward with hard work. “If we want to take Pakistan forward it would be possible only though merit. There is no alternative to hard work ,” he said.The army chief said humanity is the most important relationship in the world and no religion allows anyone to usurp anyone’s right”
“Moral authority is mightier than military prowess,” he added.
General Bajwa further said that “only youth can bring change and revolution in the world.”

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