Pakistanis stand with oppressed Kashmiris: Raja Basharat

Staff Reporter

Punjab Minister for Law and Chairman Kashmir Committee Punjab Raja Basharat has said that the entire Pakistani nation is united and stands with the oppressed Kashmiris.
In a special message on Kashmir Solidarity Day, he said that Indian oppression had not cooled the spirit of Kashmiris even in 72 years while even today Kashmiri brothers and sisters are standing firm in the face of Modi’s longest lockdown.

Raja Basharat said that along with Prime Minister Imran Khan and Chief Minister Usman Bazdar, the Punjab people are shaking the international conscience on brutalities occurring in Kashmir since decades.

He said, “We are sending a strong message to Modi that your defeat is not too far. We want to make it clear to India that we will not sit with rest until the Kashmiris get their due right.” The provincial minister reiterated that the long struggle of the Kashmiris would surely come to fruition and the day is not far when I’m Kashmir, the sun of freedom will rise.

Later, Raja Basharat along with Chief Minister Usman Bazdar attended the main event at the Governor House Lahore and also took part in a rally to show solidarity with Kashmiris.
Meanwhile, an exhibition in connection with Kashmir Solidarity Day was held at Lahore Museum. Speaking after inaugurating the exhibition, Punjab Minister for Culture Khayal Ahmad Kastro said that Kashmiri arts and crafts are the live examples of the unique artisanship of the Kashmiri people.

He said that atrocities committed by Indian forces to the people of Occupied Kashmir have instilled a new spirit of liberation among oppressed Kashmiris leading them to a decisive stage to have a separate independent state over the map of the globe.
Khayal Kastro also enlightened the participants about the moral support of the Pakistani government for the Kashmiri people by following their stance of an independent state at the international fora. Director Lahore Museum Ijaz Ahmad Minhas briefed the provincial minister about the best collection of Kashmiri arts and crafts with the Museum that comprises Kashmiri textiles, woodwork, and papier-mache artefacts. This exhibition will continue till 15 February.

Director Museum also expressed on the occasion that Pakistani nation would continue their moral support to the oppressed Kashmiri brothers praying for their independence.
Earlier, Khayal Kastro led a rally organized by the Lahore Museum in connection with expressing solidarity with the Kashmiri people. The participants of the rally belonged to different fields of life in addition to Lahore Museum staff.

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