Pakistanis stand firmly with Kashmiri brethren: SACM


Says PM has made it clear that no pressure group will be allowed

Amraiz Khan

Special Assistant to Chief Minister on Information Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan on Thursday said that the whole nation stands united to express solidarity with their Kashmiri brethren and reassure them that they are not alone in their just cause.

She appealed to the world to condemn the Indian revocation of Special Status of Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) as the Modi regime has converted IIOJ&K into the biggest prison where Kashmiris are languishing.

“South Asia has become a nuclear flashpoint due to the stubbornness of Hindu supremacist Modi who is bent upon killing all minorities especially the Muslims in India to promote the RSS agenda of Ram Raj.”

SACM Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan was talking to the media during her visit to Staff Welfare Organization Office here on Thursday.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Firdous said that Pakistan and Kashmir are interlinked while PM Imran Khan has exposed the real face of India to the world.

She regretted that Indian regime has put severest restrictions in IIOJ&K to suppress the voice of Kashmiris.

She asked the youth to use social media platforms to highlight Indian brutalities in IIOJ&K to the world community.

She said the Modi regime has also suppressed the media and the journalist community in IIOJ&K but he can’t suppress the freedom passion of the Kashmiris.

The SACM said that 5 percent ruling elite has hijacked the 95 percent population.
“The PTI government is committed to breaking the shackles of slavery to help the majority enjoy their rights and in this scenario, civil society should also play its role.” She said the government is introducing reforms and removing impediments.

She asked the media industry to sensitize the citizens to their societal obligations. It should also ensure a balance between rights and duties to act vibrantly, she stressed.

The SACM said the PTI government is willing to implement a wise strategy to ensure safety while avoiding hunger in society. The government doesn’t want to confine people to their homes without planning like Sindh government did.

She said that Punjab has set up 662 vaccination centres besides starting a door-to-door vaccination drive.

To a question, Dr Firdous said the PM is very clear that party within the party will not be allowed, nor the pressure of any group will be tolerated. “It is sanguine that the Jahangir Tareen group played its role in passing the budget and all are united under the leadership of PM Imran Khan.”

Dr Firdous said the opposition used every tactic for derailing the government but PTI remained steadfast.

Maryum’s silence shows that her stock of political poison is all but over, she said. The instructions of NCOC will be implemented in letter and spirit and law will reign supreme in case of any violation. She said the PML-N is violating the law by operating its office in a sealed off area.

Unfortunately, there are two different laws for haves and have-nots. The government is endeavouring to make Pakistan a country where all are equal before the law.

Later, the SACM distributed certificates to female students who completed their technical courses and also planted a sapling in the compound of the Staff Welfare Organization Office.

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