Pakistani Rupee is the king | By Raana Kanwal


Pakistani Rupee is the king

SOME countries are always in the news because of the importance of their currency. There are some countries that have very low currency value.

The value of a currency is a reflection of a country’s economy, its economic conditions, its foreign investment and its economy.

Most currencies in the world measure their strength against the US Dollar, while some are against the Sterling.

Today we tell you which 10 countries have the weakest currencies in the world. The Ugandan Shilling, ranked 10th among the world’s weakest currencies, has improved slightly over the past two years and is likely to appreciate slowly overtime.

Currently, one US Dollar is equal to 3 thousand 840 shillings and one Pakistani Rupee is equal to 17.37 shillings.

Although the Cambodian Riel is still not the most popular currency, its position is also maintained beyond 2020.

This may be because the US Dollar is still the preferred currency for most transactions in Cambodia which seems to keep the value of the riel down.

Currently, one US Dollar is equal to 4 thousand 150 Riels and one Pakistani Rupee is equal to 18.78 Riels.

There has been virtually no change in the positioning or stability of the Paraguayan Guaraní, although the country was developing before the Corona crisis, this growth has now become negligible.

One US Dollar is equal to 7 thousand 133 Guarani while one Pakistani Rupee is more than 39 Guarani.

The Guinean franc has made modest progress over the past two years but is still one of the world’s lowest-valued currencies, with one US Dollar equal to 8,691 Francs.

Here one rupee of Pakistan is worth 39 rupees. The Uzbek Som is ranked sixth on the list of the world’s lowest-valued currencies, depreciating since 2020.

Som has struggled since the Uzbek government nearly halved the value of its official currency in 2018.

One US Dollar is equal to 11 thousand 114 Uzbek Soms and one Pakistani rupee is more than 50 Soms.

Like some other countries in the weak currencies of the world, the Indonesian Rupiah is also subject to depreciation, but the Indonesian government has been steadfast in its efforts to improve the value of its currency despite the continuous decline.

One Pakistani Rupee is close to 70 Indonesian rupees. Sierra Leone is also unable to support the currency due to the extreme economic situation and the value of the Leone is decreasing, currently, 16 thousand 250 is equal to one US dollar.

Here, one Pakistani Rupee is worth more than 73 Sierra Leonean Leone. The Laotian Kip is one of the most undervalued currencies in the world and its position has worsened since 2020.

The main reason for this is the rate of inflation and the Kip has fallen against foreign currencies and has reached 16 thousand 726 rupees against one dollar and the value of one Pakistani rupee is equal to 75 rupees.

Vietnam is still trying to improve its economy and the weak economic situation has also seriously affected its currency, while due to the lack of investment, the Dong is constantly depreciating and the Dong reached 23 thousand 879 against one US Dollar.

While here one Pakistani rupee is worth more than 108 dongs. Due to the US sanctions on world trade, Iran is currently facing economic difficulties and the Iranian economy is facing serious problems due to which the Iranian Rial has become the weakest currency here one US dollar is equal to 42 thousand 300 Rials, and one Pakistani Rupees is more than 191 Riels of Iran.

—The writer is currently working as an Administrator in Federal Board of Revenue, Islamabad.


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