Pakistani fisherman becomes millionaire overnight after catching rare fish


A fisherman from Balochistan hit the jackpot when he caught a rare kind of fish, croaker, near the coast of Jiwani in Gwadar district.

The single fish with its weight nearly 48 kilograms was sold for Rs7.2 million in the local market, making the fisherman named Waheed Baloch millionaire in no time.

Deputy Director Fisheries Ahmed Nadeem told a media outlet that the lady luck smiled on the angler, who belongs to Pishukan village of Gwadar.

It is for the first time that a single fish was sold for such a high price. The fish originally attracted bid up to Rs8.6 million but the owner gave a discount, selling it for Rs7.2 million.

The rare croaker fish has higher demand in China, Europe, and other countries due to its use in medical field.

The air bladder of the rare fish is also used for stitching during surgeries of the internal organs of the human body, especially during heart surgery.