Pakistan to leverage all means for bringing detractors to justice

Observer Report

Taking stock of certain dissident or social media activists spreading fake news to malign Pakistan, a government spokesman resolved that the country would “leverage all means including political, diplomatic and legal to bring these detractors to justice.”

“It has come to the notice that certain social media activists / dissident elements sitting in European/ Western countries are spreading fake news and engaged in disinformation, defamation, libel, incitement of violence and agenda setting to malign Pakistan government and its state institutions for vested interest,” the spokesman said.

He said it had also been reliably learnt that some of them have linkages with hostile intelligence agencies especially RAW for funding, feeding and sheltering.

“Pakistan government has taken serious view of this,” the spokesman remarked. He said nefarious activities of the detractors had been shared with respective governments hosting them and they had been asked to cooperate with Pakistan to bring them to justice as per laws of their countries and laws of Pakistan.

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