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Pakistan to form joint strategy for security of Chinese nationals, businesses

Pakistan to form joint strategy for security of Chinese nationals, businesses

Sheikh Rasheed, Pakistan’s interior minister, said on Sunday that a joint strategy for the security of Chinese nationals and Chinese businesses working in Pakistan is being developed.

Sheikh Rasheed was speaking to Nong Rong, the Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan, who paid him a visit at his home to discuss issues of common interest between the two nations.

The assurance came after the Chinese Embassy issued a statement requesting that Islamabad undertake a comprehensive investigation into the Gwadar suicide attack, severely punish the culprits, and take meaningful measures to ensure that similar events do not happen again.

“At the same time, relevant departments at all levels in Pakistan must take practical and effective measures to accelerate to implement strengthened whole-process security measures and upgraded security cooperation mechanism to ensure that similar incidents will not happen again,” it had stated.

The Chinese ambassador and the interior minister also addressed bilateral relations between Pakistan and China, as well as the broader regional situation, during their discussion.

The shifting circumstances in Afghanistan, according to the interior ministry, have given the area a lot of significance. He went on to say that long-term peace in Afghanistan was crucial for the region and the world.

He said that Pakistan would continue to play a role in sustaining peace and a stable administration in Afghanistan. He went on to say that the Pakistani government was giving full support to people leaving Afghanistan.

The minister assured the Chinese ambassador that the government will take further steps to guarantee the safety of Chinese people and businesses operating in Pakistan.

“No one can become a hurdle in the relations and joint ventures between Pakistan and China,” he added.

According to the Chinese ambassador, a number of Chinese firms are working on a number of projects in Pakistan. He expressed Beijing’s gratitude to the interior ministry for providing services to its citizens working in the country.

China asks for improved security measures

Beijing had urged Islamabad earlier on Saturday to provide perfect protection to Chinese people in the country, after a series of attacks targeting Chinese nationals.

A convoy transporting Chinese people was attacked in Gwadar, killing three children and wounding many others, including a Chinese citizen, according to the statement.

A convoy of four cars transporting Chinese nationals “with integral security details of Pakistan army and police contingent” was attacked on the East Bay Expressway, according to an Interior Ministry statement.

The attack occurred near a fishermen’s community along the seaside route, according to the statement.

The Chinese delegation had noted Pakistani authorities’ prompt reaction, saying that following the event, the Pakistani side quickly transported the injured to a hospital in Gwadar for treatment.

“The Chinese Embassy in Pakistan strongly condemns this act of terrorism, extends its sincere sympathies to the injured of both countries, and expresses its deep condolences to the innocent victims in Pakistan,” it had said.

Following the attack on the convoy, the embassy claimed it quickly implemented an emergency plan.

The embassy also urged that Pakistan treat the injured appropriately, conduct a comprehensive investigation, and punish the perpetrators severely.

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