Pakistan to fix prices of Sputnik V


According to a report the federal authorities will fix the prices of Russian and Chinese coronavirus vaccines ‘in a day or two’ after the drug pricing committee of the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) suggested the prices of both vaccines to the federal Cabinet.

When asked how much the Russian vaccine Sputnik V and the single-dose Chinese vaccine Cansino will cost in Pakistan, Special Assistant to Prime Minister Dr Faisal Sultan informed the publication that the DRAP’s drug pricing committee had “recommended a number” to the Cabinet.

The pricing issue has been accelerated after the introduction of the Russian-made Sputnik Vaccine in the region.

The DRAP’s drug pricing committee examined the landing rates of both Russian and Chinese vaccines and suggested their prices to the cabinet, according to a DRAP official, who added that the government is expected to declare the prices within a few days.

When asked whether the Cabinet will consider the recommended prices at its meeting, which normally takes place every Tuesday in Islamabad, an official of the National Health Services said, ““Most probably (recommended prices) will be approved by circulation due to urgency,”

According to an official, SAPM Faisal Sultan would circulate the proposed prices to cabinet members, and these prices would be told over the next 24 to 48 hours based on their suggestions and approval from Prime Minister Imran Khan.

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