Pakistan Sweet Home holds seminar on hemophilia awareness


Pakistan Sweet Home held a seminar on hemophilia awareness which was attended by hemophilia-affected children and their parents, along with members of the Hemophilia Welfare Society and other healthcare professionals.

During the ceremony, Patron in Chief of Pakistan Sweet Home, Zamarud Khan emphasized the bravery and courage of children living with hemophilia. He also pledged to continue his work for these children and to ensure a continuous supply of blood through the Pakistan Sweet Home Blood Bank. The event was also addressed by Colonel (retd) Dr. Lubna Zafar, President of the Hemophilia Welfare Society, who highlighted the aim of the society to support children with hemophilia and guide them in their treatment.

Other speakers at the event included Dr. Tahira Zafar, Vice President of the Hemophilia Welfare Society, and other healthcare professionals.

At the end of the ceremony, Zamarud Khan was awarded an honorary shield by the World Hemophilia Federation for his outstanding services to children affected by hemophilia. The seminar was an important step in raising awareness about hemophilia and the need for continued support for those affected by the disease. The participants emphasized the importance of a healthy society and the need to protect future generations from hemophilia.