Pakistan survived a major tragedy | By Attiya Munawer


Pakistan survived a major tragedy

THERE were silent fears of violence and untoward incident from the outset of the PTI’s long march but it was unlikely that a direct attack and attempt to eliminate a popular national leader like Imran Khan would be made during the march.

It is a special grace of Allah that the assassination attack on the Tehreek-e-Insaf leadership failed, yet this incident highlights the poor security arrangements and also reinforces the fears that some internal and external forces may attack the country with a desire to achieve their nefarious goals by creating chaos in the nation.

It is gratifying that the ISPR along with the coalition government has strongly condemned this incident, however, this verbal condemnation should be accompanied by practical action by the people responsible for the security of an important person.

Rather, there should be a clear and transparent investigation of this incident, the federal government is offering cooperation regarding the investigation but the actual responsibility of this incident lies with the provincial government.

Punjab Chief Minister Pervez Elahi after visiting Imran Khan in the hospital, thanked God that the culprit did not succeed in his aim whereas these words of gratitude as the Chief Minister cannot absolve the Punjab government working under him from the primary responsibility for security failure.

The assassination attack during the long march of Tehreek-e-Insaf is a failure of the provincial government and the Chief Minister of Punjab has immediately sought a report from the Inspector General of Police but this is a routine action.

How did his administration’s security plan fail? Had the Punjab government taken the security of the Long March seriously in the belief that no one could dare to attack a popular leader like Imran Khan? Was there any effective and viable communication between Long March security and Imran Khan’s security or did the tragedy happen due to lack of communication? These questions infuse in minds that the Punjab administration has suffered from the traditional laxity rather also extreme irresponsibility.

Surprisingly despite the threat alert, a gun man managed to make his way in the long march while the PTI is in power in Punjab along with its ally.

The provincial government of Punjab is expected to conduct a comprehensive investigation and bring a detailed report to the public in contrast to past practices, so that the facts become clear to everyone as to who is behind this incident.

However, it is not right to accuse government figures and senior military officers on means of Khan’s statement as this will escalate chaos in the country instead of diminishing.

Undoubtedly, attack on the former PM Imran Khan is absolutely condemnable and instead of being violent, PTI leadership, workers along with general public should act with patience in the national interest and be advised not to take the law into their own hands as the political atmosphere in the country is already very tense, so the results of the investigation into this attack should be awaited while the coalition government will also have to think about their demeanour that their obstinacy is pushing the country into chaos and this country belongs to the people and everyone understands its problems then why don’t they try to solve them together.

If the politics of gaining power will continue albeit selfishness will create an atmosphere of conflict and such tragedies will continue to happen as they are happening currently. The country has survived a major tragedy but probably won’t survive the coming tragedy.

—The writer is a regular columnist, based in Lahore.


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