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Imran’s statement

PTI Chief Imran Khan’s statements and claims are only going to make the political situation in the country a lot more tense in the coming days. Imran Khan touched upon a number of issues, ranging from the cipher conspiracy to former journalist Arshad Sharif to the ECP. There were a lot of historical references as well which only further illustrated how the PTI’s understanding of the past is devoid of any context and is quite exploitative.

Regardless, it works for the PTI extremely well and the party is quite adept at spinning a narrative that is bound to gain traction with its supporters especially in a time of extreme polarisation. This approach is only going to plunge the nation deeper into this political crisis. The fact that Imran Khan is blaming the PM and Interior Minister for this incident is extremely problematic and seems very opportunistic.

It is imperative that all political stakeholders exercise restraint and caution given how deep the fissures appear to be as a result of this turmoil. Leaders from other political parties must also be wary and sensitive when putting out statements because tempers are high and the PTI wants to create an atmosphere of anarchy. This country has a dark history when it comes to political assassinations and we should be grateful that the worst-case scenario did not play out.

What we need at this point is a display of maturity for all the stakeholders and an attempt to rebuild trust with the public. Proper procedures must be followed with the utmost transparency. False and concocted narratives of the PTI leader misguided his supporters to gain his political interests without caring for the stability of democratic system.



Political polarisation

Since its inception, Pakistan has been passing through serious social, economical as well as political crises. Political polarisation has been the biggest stumbling block in the way of development and progress. India gained independence along with Pakistan, but got its constitution in some three years. India has now become the world’s 5th largest economy. South Korea, which was a failed state, is now the world’s 10th largest economy.

On the other hand, Pakistan could not get a constitution till 1956 due to political haggling and wrangling. The country had had the seven Prime Ministers in the first decade. There has been the severe political issues since independence. Political instability has the damaging effects to the entire country.

Unfortunately, Pakistan has become the state of turmoil. Politics in Pakistan has become deception. Even after 75 year, Pakistan’s political system is still in the formative stage since two of its political parties are controlled by families and don’t represent broad segments of population.

This system can’t deliver what people want and it is evident that dynastic politics can’t be basis of mature political system. Pakistan will have to move away from such political structure in order to make progress as other countries of world.



Crimes against journalists

Zimbabwe freedom of speech is in intensive care and professional journalists who believe in truth are exposed to so many risks of persecutions. Persecutions of journalists in Zimbabwe include threats, kidnappings, arrests, imprisonments, harassments offline and online and blackmailing journalists.

Journalists are essential in preserving the fundamental right to freedom of expression, guaranteed by Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. When journalists are attacked with impunity, there is a breakdown in security and judicial systems for all.

States therefore have an obligation to protect journalists and ensure perpetrators of crime are held accountable. Judges and prosecutors have an important role to play in promoting swift and effective criminal proceedings. Zimbabwean President should stop all forms of persecutions to journalists.

If President of Zimbabwe cannot stop persecution of journalists, he should be forced to resign. I call upon the judiciary in Zimbabwe to stop victimization of journalists like Hopewell Chin’ono by using selective laws. When Zimbabwe journalists expose corruption within President Mnangagwa’s government, they are enhancing the development of Zimbabwe.



Thorny plants

Many thorny plants have grown in the Karachi University grounds due to which the students are facing difficulty in crossing these grounds because there are many thorns in the bushes and there are also insects etc in these bushes which have sometimes bitten the students?

I request the administration of my university to please clear these microscopic plants and plant a clean path and trees there so that this problem of students ends.




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