Pakistan stronger, more stable than before: Sarwar


Meets Senate chairman, deputy chairman, senators and ministers

Staff Reporter

Punjab Governor Chaudhry Sarwar met with Chairman Senate Sadiq Sanjarani, Deputy Chairman Senate Mirza Muhammad Afridi, Punjab’s Senior and Food MInister Abdul Aleem Khan and Senators.

The meeting discussed important political and Parliamentary matters whereas all leaders strongly condemned the Israeli crimes and urged the United Nations to take prompt action and press Israel to uphold international law.

According to details, Chairman Senate Sadiq Sanjarani, Deputy Chairman Senate Mirza Muhammad Afridi, Senior Provincial Minister Punjab Abdul Aleem Khan, Senator Waleed Iqbal, Senator Ijaz Ahmad Chaudhry and other senators called on Punjab Governor Ch Sarwar.

On the occasion, the governor also greeted Chairman Senate Sadiq Sanjrani on performing Umrah and various issues came under discussion during the meeting.

During the meeting, Governor Ch Sarwar said that Prime Minister Imran Khan has no political or personal agenda, he is only pursuing the interest of the nation.

Despite all the negative propaganda of the opposition, Pakistan is stronger and more stable than before.

All the plans of the opposition will continue to fail till 2023 and the elections in the country will be held on time.

Governor Ch Sarwar strongly condemned the massacre of more than 150 Palestinians by Israeli occupying forces and said that only condemnation by Islamic countries against Israel is not enough now it is time for all Islamic countries to unite against Israeli terrorism.

He called for an unequivocal policy on Israeli crimes and said that Pakistan stands with their Palestinian brothers and sisters and will continue to support their just right for freedom.

Chairman Senate Sadiq Sanjarani said that international human rights organizations should take notice of Israeli terrorism against Palestinians.

220 million Pakistanis are with Palestinian brothers and sisters and will not shy away from any sacrifice for the protection of the holy Al-Aqsa mosque, Qibla-e-Awwal.

Deputy Chairman Senate Mirza Mohammad Afridi said that independence of Palestine and Kashmir is necessary for peace in the world and Israeli terrorism is highly condemnable. On this occasion, Abdul Aleem Khan and others strongly condemned Israeli terrorism.

Earlier, Punjab Governor Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar offered Eid prayers at the Badshahi Mosque and prayed for the country’s development, security, stability, and freedom of Palestinians and Kashmiris.

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