Pakistan remains neutral as UN debates isolation of Russia

Pakistan remains neutral as UN debates isolation of Russia

United Nations: The two-day meeting of the United Nations General Assembly resumed on Tuesday as Pakistan continued its policy of neutrality on the Ukrainian conflict and let its turn pass.

The Security Council on Friday had called an Emergency Session of the General Assembly when the former failed to pass a condemnation draft after Russia vetoed the resolution.

China, which also has the veto power, abstained from voting. India and the United Arab Emirates, following the steps of China, too abstained from voting against the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Pakistan, which is trying not to take sides on this issue, stayed away from both sessions. As a UN member, Pakistan can participate in the UNGA debate, which entered its second day on Tuesday, but it avoided taking any side.

Pakistan, for its part, maintains that it wants to have good diplomatic relations with all states. That is why it does not want to get involved in the Ukrainian dispute.

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