Pakistan Prime Minister’s Office shares inspiring documentary on World Environment Day


Pakistan has been recognised as a Global Leader for protecting the environment and battling climate change as it is honoured to host World Environment Day.

With PM Imran Khan’s vision for conserving nature, Pakistan has launched Ten Billion Tsunami project, country’s largest ever plantation drive.

Through its nature conservation efforts Pakistan has also created employment opportunities for over 85,000 people during COVID-19 pandemic.

The special documentary explains how the government is giving incentives to public for their involvement in forestation, besides highlighting the measures to protect the ecosystem.

Earlier today, Prime Minister Imran Khan urged the rich nations to financially assist the developing countries most vulnerable to climate change and global warming despite their minimal contribution to carbon emission.

The premier was addressing the main event of World Enviornment Day, which is being hosted by Pakistan in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme.

He lamented that world had not given due attention to the environmental issues, adding that collective efforts are need of the hour to tackle them.

He also warned the world of looming water crisis as rising global warming badly affecting glaciers, which are major sources of water in Pakistan and other countries.

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