Pakistan pays tribute to Wing Commander Noman Akram on his first martyrdom anniversary


Pakistan Air Force (PAF) Wing Commander Noman Akram embraced martyrdom on March 11, 2020 while he was rehearsing for the Pakistan Day Parade.

The martyred fighter pilot was a career officer. He held the honor of winning the most sought after Inter Squadron Armament Competition of PAF.

Akram was martyred when his F-16 Fighter Jet crashed into the suburbs of Islamabad. The unfortunate crash was witnessed by locals and people were able to film the ill-fated incident. The recorded clip shows that the aircraft was seen maneuvering a vertical loop before it hit the ground.

To revere the sacrifice of Wing Commander Akram on his first martyrdom anniversary, social media has been flooding with heartfelt tributes. People have been paying homage to the hero of the nation by sharing his pictures and by telling the story of his valor.

The nation will forever be indebted to the incomparable sacrifice of Wing Commander Noman Akram who chose to save civilianlives instead of ejecting the plane and saving his own.