Pakistan on the path of recovery, credit goes to IK’s bold policies


Salahuddin Haider

AGE-old maxim, yet words of gold, its efficacy being prophetic and permanent in nature. Imran Khan’s government, despite being under pressure from different corners, remained undaunted by avalanche of criticism, directed by him. Now finally his mindset has begun paying dividends. Exports growing, though at slow pace, rupee gaining and if the trend now being witnessed, remains undisturbed by external or internal factors, Pakistan would be moving ahead and in right direction.
Critics, adamantly refusing to heed to logic or reasoning. It is a fact, bitter but free from bias or prejudice that his government in 2018 inherited a badly executed economy, then locusts and flooding caused but unprecedented rains, turned situation far more messy than could even be imagined.
He tolerated all kind of threats, abuses, but held on to nobility and principles of justice, getting dividend in foreign policy, as USA, UK, Japan and now Turkey have begun to probe Pakistani markets. Two nights ago, I was dinner guests with Japanese consul general Toshikazu Isomura at his residence, and during discussion, it transpired that the latter in his capacity as his Government’s representative in Karachi and for Balochistan, revealed that he pleaded Pakistan’s case for a fine investment destination to participants of a Japanese entrepreneurs conference at home.
The only complaint was about street crime in Karachi, which the government must deal with iron fist. There is substantial substance in government’s explanations that those in their third stage of public rally in Quetta today, were mostly those caring more excuses to cover their illegitimate crime of amassing wealth, and now want to run away from its repercussions. But thanks to Imran’s appeal to judiciary to play its role well, and hear cases quickly has clicked. A recent supreme court directive to NAB to speed up the process of accountability, hire good investigators, collect solid evidence, and refrain from giving adjournments so that the corruption cases could be decided in time, weeks within shortest possible time. Imran also promised to lend his fullest support to the judiciary in dispending quick justice.
Those indulging crime and critical of NAB procedures, should draw a leaf from Mario Puzo’s book The God Father. Its very first page carries a lesson for those amassing illegal wealth that “behind every crime, there is a fortune” The supreme court, too, in its judgement against Nawaz Sharif in 2018 referred to Sicilian Mafia, which must be eye opener for those involved in loot and plunder. The government out manoeuvred opposition in the Parliament in getting the bill passed to secure clearance for FATF.
It succeeded partially, as some of its steps to stop money laundering and terror financing has been accepted, but the required ‘12 votes for favourable judgement, is still hanging fire and in February next year, Islamabad again will have to present its case for the FATF main organisation to decide the issue, and pull Pakistan out to white from grey list. The work has been half done, but sustained efforts are still required. But when lauding government efforts, it must be pointed out, and is absolutely necessary to remind the prime minister that while last year in August foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi should have toured the world to explain to major power leaders about Indian brutalities, it is now an unavoidable responsibility of Imran Khan to tour major investor countries like Japan, Germany, France, United Kingdom, South Korea, Singapore to attract investment from there.
The field is wide open. It needs to be exploited in our favour. Mere telephone calls to leaders of major States will lack conviction. Personal contacts carry much more weight. His presentation of Pakistan’s case for investment, exposing India on Kashmir, had earned divided, but his speeches at world fora must have been followed by personal meetings with key figures of the world.
Imran is bold and courageous. He says things unhesitatingly, latest example being asking French President to stop maligning Muslim Ummah for fanaticism. He made it clear that Like Nelson Mandela leaders job should be to united the world, not divided. French President Statement on blasphemy about Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) has hurt Muslim world over. He should apologise for his words. But such criticism can easily be overcome through personal contacts because these help establish rapport which sometime yields lasting dividends.

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