Pakistan keeping up with global trend of new energy


“Electric mobility has become indispensable for Pakistan. Entities striving to introduce electric mobility in Pakistan, including Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) and local enterprises, are actively involved in diverse engagements related to the development of the Electric Vehicle (EV) value chain in the country,” said Prof. Nauman Ahmad Zaffar, Director of Energy and Power Systems Cluster and the National Incubation Centre.

Developing EVs in Pakistan is a potential solution for the country both in terms of improving the quality of the environment and making full use of electricity.

In a recent interview with Gwadar Pro, Prof. Zaffar noted that the transport sector contributes almost 43% to the total airborne emissions in the country. Meanwhile, Pakistan has surplus electricity generation capacity, resulting in accumulation of a large sum of capacity payments. Under such situation, there is a need to introduce non-seasonal and flexible loads, and EVs have emerged as an effective solution.

Many favorable factors, such as the Pakistani government’s supportive attitude towards EV, have contributed to the development of the National EV policy. Pakistan’s EV market is widely favored by international companies including Chery, MG, Changan, BAIC and Haval have also been making a push in recent years.

Yin Tongyue, a member of the Chinese National People’s Congress, chairman and Party secretary of Chery Holding Group, said that the automobile industry, as a pillar industry of the national economy, must shoulder historical, social, moral and economic responsibilities, seize the current new round of technological revolution and globalization, and advance China as an “auto power”.