Pakistan gives another practical proof of love for minorities: Sarwar


Staff Reporter

The Religious Tourism and Heritage Committee (RT&HC) headed by Punjab Governor Chaudhry Sarwar on Tuesday decided a master plan for the renovation of the holy shrine of Maryamabad Church which is a gift for the Christian community.
According to details, Pakistan has given another practical proof of its love for minorities. The Religious Tourism and Heritage Committee headed by the Punjab governor, while giving a gift to the Christian community, decided on a master plan for the renovation of the Holy Mary. More than 1.2 million people perform religious duties annually at the church.
Punjab Governor Chaudhry Sarwar also announced to set up a filtration plant at Maryamabad Church. Living rooms, hotels and other facilities would also be provided in Maryamabad.
Chaudhry Sarwar also directed to expedite the construction work of the road from Sheikhupura Road to Maryamabad. He said that talks were underway with the concerned agencies for the supply of electricity and gas in Maryamabad.
The Punjab governor said that protection of holy places of minorities is the responsibility of the government, Pakistan is safe for minorities and India has become the most insecure country. According to Quaid-e-Azam, minorities are given religious freedom and protection.
Punjab Energy Minister Dr Akhtar Malik has said that the fruits of public welfare schemes have started reaching the people in the new Pakistan. Electrical fans and lights are being replaced by using modern technology to overcome the power crisis in the country. He expressed these views while inaugurating the Electricity Saving Programme at Lahore General Hospital. Principal PGMI Prof. Dr. Al-freed Zafar briefed to the Minister that the large number of fans and lights have been replaced and converted to energy saving. This step will save 700 units per hour and reduction of Rs. 11 crore per annum in electricity bills and this huge amount will be spent on treatment and hospitalization of patients.
Principal Al-freed Zafar told that so far 1305 fans and 5061 lights have been replaced which is an important milestone of the Punjab Government’s Power Saving Project. Welcoming the move, Punjab Energy Minister Dr. Muhammad Akhtar Malik announced that a Solar System would also be installed in LGH which would further save electricity in the Institution. He added the Health Department is the top priority of the Punjab Government and the services of an institution like LGH/PGMI/AMC are very encouraging in this regard where exceptional services were provided especially in the days of Corona. Minister Energy assured that the issue of provision of land for Ameer Uddin Medical College, Nursing College and Residential colonies for employees will be taken up in the Punjab Cabinet and he will play his full role in this regard.

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