Pakistan deports over 200 Afghans

Pakistan deports over 200 Afghans

After the Taliban seized control of Afghanistan, Pakistan deported over 200 Afghan citizens, including women and children, who arrived in Quetta through Chaman.

They entered Pakistan from several places and arrived in Chaman, where they remained for a few days at a railway station. The officials in Chaman, on the other hand, refused to let them remain any longer in the border town. Afghan residents from Kunduz province arrived in Quetta two days ago and settled in Bal­eli, a neighborhood on the outskirts of the provincial capital.

However, the authorities in charge refused to let them remain in Quetta. They arrested the Afghan nationals and returned them to Afghanistan through Chaman on Tuesday.

“These Afghan families were deported to Afghanis­tan as they entered Pakistan illegally,” Quetta Division Commissioner Sohail-ur-Reh­­­man Baloch told the media. Until the government gave permission for their stay, all Afghan nationals ent­­­ering Pakistan illegally would be sent back, he added.

Afghan nationals are not permitted to enter Pakistan without proper documentation, including a visa.

According to the government in Chaman, no plans have been made to welcome Afghan refugees to Pakistan thus far. The Afghan Refugee Organization and the United Nations High Commission for Refugees have yet to develop plans to accommodate Afghan refugees in any part of Balochistan.

However, there are allegations that several Afghan families have crossed into the Noshki region from Afghanistan’s Helmand province.

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