This is thebirthday of Pakistan which is a grand gift from a lanky leader for his peoples. He was one of the individual significantly who alter the course of the history, a few modify the map of glob.

Quaid-e-Azam did miracles with his weighty vision and will power. That is why whatever he willed achieved. He never surrendered at any point of his principles.

He did not want to join the politics but when he felt that his people are being crumbled under the ruthless policies of British rulers, he jumped into politics. He always chose difficult path of honor. This puny person knew the power of his inner self.

His wisdom in legal affairs, courage, boldness and devotion to profession made him prosperous but when he determined to make a separate state for his peoples, he sacrificed all his wealth and health for his peoples and their wellbeing.

He considered his work in his legal profession as a moral obligation and not as stepping stone to his personal glory. He was a trusted lawyer equally for Muslims and Hindus. Once a Hindu businessman brought a legal case to him. The client asked Mr. Jinnah how much cost this case will, Mr. Jinnah said Rs. 500 a day.

The businessman said I don’t know how long my case will go on but I have got only Rs. 5000 with me. Will you accept it to cover my case for your full fee? Mr. Jinnah accepted the amount and won the case within three days and keeping with him and Rs. 1500 returned the remaining amount to the client.

Tragical enough that all his successors deviated the righteous path which he had pointed out to them. They all brought horrible shatter to his dream line.

Now the years have passed on no positive change has come to the country. It has been converted into a country of crimes, corruption and crises. No successors of father of the nation has developed a sense of responsibility in himself.

They all have pushed the country into a grip of depression, dismay and sense of insecurity. The ruling class have brought havoc to the nation. They are indulged to expand their own private empires and a war of succession. The extravaganza by the rulers is on high peaks.

Their visits to foreign countries under the pretext of medical checkups with the money from the meager exchequers of the public. A lot of evilshave come upon the social set up and all immoral values are flourishing in the country which have paralyzed the younger generation.

Jobs for them are put on the market table for sale purchase. The Quaid-e-Azam had boldly snatched a separate full-fledged country from a super power Britain to live free for his people and now his successors are endeavoring to live in a state of slavery in the hands of super power like USA.

The ruling class has taken themselves above law and accountability, the ruling class is also admittedly responsible of constitutional abrogation and supportive to the military rule. Quran reads “Then an army came upon you from above and below due to your sins” (Al-Ahzab).

Addressing the army on one occasion he said, “you will have to fight many battles on the battle fields but stand guard over the development and maintenance of the democracy on your native soil.

Plato was the only thinker who said that “Power gives rise to all types of corruptions”.

Our politicians are totally unaware of the conduct of the politics. Greed of dominance, power and money minting have become the part of the politics.

In Pakistan the politics and morality have rarely been in tendon associated or commitment. At one occasion the father of the Nation depicted historical words he said, “I visualize Pakistan as a democratic ideal state based on the Islamic Justice, social order and free opportunity to every citizen of Pakistan”.

Tragical enough that nation has not properly regarded and respected to his all sacrifices and devotions which he extended to his nation.

In return, the nation has presented a fact file of his faulty followers. This is the only document which is left in the public exchequer. Sir, please pardoned your peoples.

Senior Journalist Based in Germany

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