Pakistan can overcome economic crisis with Moscow’s help: Dmitri


Says trade between two countries possible in local currency

Russian Consul General for political and economic affairs Dmitri Petrov has said that Pakistan can overcome its economic crisis with the help of Russia by enhancing bilateral trade between the two countries.

He made these remarks while addressing a meeting during his visit to Korangi Association of Trade and Industry in Karachi.

Petrov said that there are immense opportunities to enhance bilateral trade between Pakistan and Russia, adding that issues such as hurdles in banking transactions are being resolved for the promotion of trade ties.

The consul general highlighted that pharmaceutical products and medicines of high quality and international standard were being produced in Pakistan at very low rates while the same products were very expensive in Russia.

He said bilateral trade was possible between the two countries in local currency and added that barter trade can also be promoted.

The Russian official said an agreement has been signed for the supply of gas and petrol to Pakistan and the implementation on agreement would start soon.