Pakistan, Balochistan’s progress interlinked



Staff Reporter

Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Reconciliation and Harmony in Balochistan Nawab Shahzain Bugti called on Punjab Governor Chaudhry Sarwar at Governor House on Thursday.

Talking on the occasion, the Punjab Governor said that India’s agenda would be failed on every forum, adding that strong and peaceful Balochistan is sine qua non for prosperous Pakistan.

Government and all departments are on the same page for progress and prosperity of Balochistan and no conspiracy to disrupt peace and stability in Balochistan would be tolerated.

He further stated that Balochistan will be the biggest beneficiary of CPEC and Gwadar would change eh destiny of the province altogether.

During the meeting, issues including government initiatives to promote reconciliation and harmony in Balochistan were discussed.

The Punjab governor further said that the previous governments had ignored the people of Balochistan, but since Imran Khan became the Prime Minister, practical steps are being taken for the development, peace and stability of Balochistan.

He said that the Provincial Government will complete 131 projects worth 731 million, and people of Balochistan will be given their due rights in other public welfare projects including successful youth programs.

He stressed that reconciliation and harmony in Balochistan is the top priority of the present government, adding that everyone knows that India is conspiring to destroy peace in Balochistan and Pakistan has put forward all the facts in this regard before the United Nations and other international bodies.

He said that the nefarious designs of India have been thwarted in the past and will not be allowed to succeed in the future as well.

The governor said that Balochistan is close to the heart of Imran Khan, adding that Baloch people will be given their rights.

He said that the Federal government is working for the development of not only a single province but the whole of Pakistan. He said that the feeling of deprivation found among the Baloch people will be eliminated.

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