Pakistan ambassador to US urges community to follow CDC advice



Pakistan ambassador to US in a massage advised Pakistani Community in America to follow the CDC in struction the massage says, “We are witnessing a rapid outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) all over the world. A mationmal emergency has been declared across the United States. Federal, State and local authorities are issuing dail advisories, and limits have been placed on public travel and gatherings.
In these extraordinary circumstances, I strongly urge our community members to closely follow the guidelimnes of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and World Heath Organization (WHO).
Those of you intending to travel to Pakistan are also advised to carefully read the National Institute of Health (NIH) guidelines.
In case you or any of your family members develop symptoms, please contact your health care provider immediately. If advised to observe self-quarantine, please do so accordingly.
The Embassy and our Consulates General are operating at regular office hours to facilitate the community. Any changes will be notified accordingly, subject to local conditions. Please keep visiting our websites and follow us on Twitter for updates. The Embassy and Consulates General have designated focal points for Coronavirus related matters who can be contacted for any queries. Their names and contact details are available on our websites.
While we continue to provide regular consular services at our Consulates and here in the Embassy, I want to highlight the following: For visa, applicants are encouraged to apply via the E-Visa system. You can apply for an e-visa via and the Embassy will process your visa expeditiously. You will get your electronic visa in your email.—AP

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