Pakistan a resilient nation | By Asma Khan Durrani


Pakistan a resilient nation

Pakistan is a progressive – modern sovereign Islamic Republic. Ever since its inception Pakistan has endured all the challenges with an adroit resolve. It has always defended its core values and principles. Resilience of our state is evident from our security capacity against internal-external threats. Pakistan, being resilient nation has unceasingly retained its political, societal and economic decisions keeping in view its national interest and core values of politics and society.

Every state works towards its survival both in physical and ideological terms. This breeds occupation with security which includes security’s subjective and varied elements that make it up. Pakistan’s security is both absolute and relative which it has dealt with thorough and effective measures. Our nation has retained its resilience by having an appropriate understanding of threat perception both militarily and diplomatically.

Our country has a diverse economic landscape, having an abundant agriculture and manufacturing infrastructure. Agricultural component of our state is a vital component of our state’s food security and economic stability, thus providing a strong foundation for resilience. Along with a booming services sector which add to its gross domestic product, thereby providing a robust foundation for its stability in the long term. Pakistan having a comprehensive security outlook has gained much popularity. Pakistan’s national resilience is a source of our strength. This is all driven by our state assigning a premium to public welfare which ensues peace and stability. Pakistan’s focus is on countering non-military threats to the society and state system alongside cooperative and reassurance of our social order.

Pakistani nation has a steadfast resolve of a promising nation having a rich cultural legacy, whilst possessing much reverence for our traditional values, from our credible historical sites to our cultural traditions. These have become an integral part of national identity all the while strengthening our distinctiveness. This attracts tourists globally to our renowned tourist sites. Moreover, having a dynamic and active civil society with various organizations that work to address the social economic issues thereby create a system of checks and balances making us a well informed and a resilient nation. Similarly, an energetic youth bulge, having cognizance of the prevalent issues preserve their national dignity very adroitly. This substantial amount youth are a valued asset. Alongside, a thriving media creating awareness in society, by creating constructive narratives consequently pushing for patriotic fervour.

Pakistan views its national security from multi-dimensional aspects, covering military threats, non-military civilian human security issues, internal socio-economic issues and non-conventional violent threats and modern technology related matters. Pakistan, having a strategically significant location at the junction of South and West Asia, has gained much attention in the world and has continuously been a pivot for major world powers interests. Pakistan plays a major role in regional politics and being a viable transit economy because of CPEC and operationalisation of Gwadar Port leading to connectivity to Central Asian States. Pakistan, being a security state, thwarts any malicious movements that play along its flanks which impact our security calculus in a myriad of ways.

Among many of its institutions, Pakistan has a robust military, which in the vanguard of our national interest, fights against terrorism, has met success, with whole of a nation approach which speaks volumes. However, still certain extremist elements exist which are being dealt with accordingly. Continuous effort has been put forward to combat disinformation campaigns in a rapid and transformative manner. This is the evidence of Pakistanis being a resilient nation that our nation clawed out from the scourge of terrorism and uncertainty to preserve our sovereignty and freedom.

Pakistan has vibrant academia, think tanks and social sciences research institutions that are bridged with the industry consequently creating resilient infrastructure with a skilled workforce. It is rapidly making headways into scientific and technological fields to remain at par with the flux of transitions covering the globe.

There is a constant potential of new developments, creating new realities with the ever-changing landscape of global politics which are forged under a perennial current stream of social change. Pakistan and its nation has persevered through thick and thin and continues to do so. The national economy despite being deeply impacted by the spiking international oil prices manage to struggle through and remain afloat. Pakistan has the resources and the ability to actualize the potential of the nation in the right direction

By any measure, Pakistan has defied the odds, and we are one of the most resilient nations on earth. Not many nations are capable of surviving the manmade and natural catastrophes that we are periodically subjected. Therefore, despite the challenges facing Pakistan the resilience of the nation has kept the country moving forward. But what gives hope about Pakistan is that regardless of serious calamities and challenges it faces it has a resilient nation and will power to overcome them.

—The writer is Islamabad based expert of strategic affairs.

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