Pak stands with Kashmiri people in struggle for freedom: Waqar


Special Assistant to Chief Minister Sindh and General Secretary of Pakistan People’s Party Sindh Waqar Mehdi on Thursday expressing solidarity with Kashmiris said India on October 27th illegally and forcefully occupied the Kashmir valley.

In his message on Kashmir Black Day, he said Pakistani nation pay tribute to Kashmiris and stand with them in their struggle for freedom.

Waqar Mehdi said the sacrifices of the Kashmiri people would not go in vain and they will soon get freedom from the Indian occupation.

He said every year, the whole world, especially Pakistanis, observe Black Day to condemn the ongoing atrocities of the Indian Army in Kashmir valley and to commemorate the sacrifices of the Kashmiri brothers in the struggle for self-determination.

Special Assistant to CM Sindh said India’s violent actions were a clear violation of the resolutions of the United Nations Security Council. The world needs to pay attention towards the Kashmir issue.

Waqar Mehdi said “We strongly condemn the usurpation of Kashmir, now India can no longer suppress the struggle of Kashmiris. We will be the voice of Kashmir at the global level.”

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