Police believe Clifton suspects might be serial offenders


The Karachi police believe that the suspects arrested night in connection with the rape of a nine-year-old girl in the Clifton neighbourhood might be serial offenders who saw the gruesome act as their latest hunt.

Even though the investigators have not found any criminal record of the detainees or any complaints filed against them, the police believe that the word the suspects used for the crime points towards their involvement in more such incidents.

Karachi police chief Addl IGP Javed Alam Odho held a news conference at the Karachi Police Office on Wednesday to announce the arrest of both the key suspects. Odho said the police have found no criminal record of the detainees but the investigation is still under way.

He pointed out that before kidnapping and raping the girl, the suspects had told each other that they were going on a hunt again.“Saying such things clearly shows that the suspects might have committed similar acts in the past as well.

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