Pak-Navy maintaining round the clock combat readiness: CNS


September 8th marks a golden chapter in the history of Pakistan Navy when it’s Officers and Men demonstrated indomitable courage and bravado by undertaking successful bombardment of Dwarka.

It is the day to acknowledge the sacrifices of Shuhadas and Ghazis who were imbued with staunch and fearless spirit and were unassailable in the face of a devious enemy during the 1965 War. The conviction in their cause and unmatched gallantry left the enemy bewildered and all its plans in disarray.

During Operation Dwarka, codenamed ‘Operation SOMNATH’, PN Flotilla comprising seven major warships of Pakistan Navy heavily bombarded Indian port of Dwarka, destroying important shore installations including Indian radar station and a radio beacon.

The swift attack by PN Ships trounced the Indian Navy and condemned their pride to dust. PN Submarine Ghazi, reigned the Indian Ocean during 1965 War and blunted the Indian Navy with its unnerving and unchallenged presence.

Pakistan Navy is cognizant of regional developments and is maintaining round the clock combat readiness to respond to any emerging contingency.

PN is also enhancing its regional outlook by maintaining continuous presence in the international waters and significant engagements with regional partners to beef up integration and interoperability.

Besides, Pakistan Navy is acquiring state of the art technologies to transition towards a more agile, effective and sustainable future force. Pakistan Navy is aware of its emerging responsibilities and vigilantly guarding CPEC Project by raising dedicated force structure and augmenting security measures to safeguard vital national security interests. Pakistan Navy is also committed to developing maritime sector in order to fully realize the fruition of Blue Economy.

Today, we celebrate Navy Day to reiterate our resolve and pay rich tributes to Shuhadas and Ghazis for their glorious services to the Nation. The Officers, CPOs/ Sailors and Civilians of Pakistan Navy, pledge to stand firm in the face of any adversity and defend our beloved motherland, whatever the cost.


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