Pak lady troops under UN serving noble cause of peacekeeping


Our Correspondent


Seventy eight Pakistan army female peacekeepers are serving the noble cause of peacekeeping under umbrella of UN as part of female engagement teams and staff officers at various HQs. Pakistan was the first country to deploy female engagement team in Congo on 19 June 2019.
There are 2 female engagement team in Congo and third one is being operative in Central African Republic in March 2020. So far 450 female peace keepers are participated in various missions- Certificate of appreciation by special representative of Secretary General (SRSG) to Maj Samia Rehman, for excellent performance in UN Msn Congo in 2019.
Maj Arooj Arif, received appreciation being only female officer who qualified Dancon March (25 Kms in 5 hrs) Maj Sadia proud member of UN Integrated training team Team for 2 years Female Peacekeepers trained in centre for international peace & stability (CIPS)- 39 Female Peacekeepers trained in International Institutions 23.

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