Iranians celebrate national day, anniversary of Islamic revolution


Salahuddin Haider

IT indeed awesome, soul
stirring to see Iranian
consul general Mohammad Ahmadi celebrate their national day and the 41st anniversary of the great Islamic revolution of the Republic in true Islamic spirit, beginning with recitation of Holy Quran, and recalling the great role played by the brother country in backing causes of the Muslim world. This was something really great, for normally diplomatic parties start with formal speeches and end with dinners etc.
But here Ahmadi took special care in making sure that proceedings Tuesday evening starts with the name of Allah, the most merciful, the most beneficial. Ahmadi had also collected an impressive crowd of all segments of society, prominent being Governor Imran Ismail, Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah, Sindh Assembly speaker Agha Sirajuddin, provincial ministers Saeed Ghani and Shehla Raza, host of consuls general, business elite, and media, both print an electronic.
TV Cameras whirred, and photographers jostled to capture the best scenes for their respective audiences or records. After customary national anthems of Pakistan and Iran, consul general, a tremendous, extremely courteous human being in his speech paid glowing tributes to ‘dear revolutionary leader’ Ayatollah Khamenie, President Dr Hasan Rohani, and all the ‘dear’ Iranians, particularly the fellow citizens residing in Pakistan.
He felt a bid sad that, which is so natural that on such a great occasion, the martyrdom of their ‘loving commander’ Lt-General Suleimani, a symbol of war against terrorism in the region. His killing was condemnable for each and every free man. His souls deserves salutation of all. Referring to Palestinians and he called the deal as denial of legitimate rights of the people in the usurped land.
Iran had earlier raised voice for Kashmiris, and also for the discrimination with Muslims in India by the present government. Ahmadi recalled the top-level political contacts like the visit to Pakistan or Iranian President, and reciprocal tour tohis country by Prime Minister Imran Khan, foreign minister Qureshi, and the army chief General Qamar Bajwa.
These visits reflected the ‘depth of relations and the level of understanding between Iran and Pakistan, besides highlighting the positive direction which the Iran-Pak bilateral cooperation moved in during the last year. The leadership of the two countries, and the Iranian Embassy in Islamabad and consulate generals in Pakistan strived hard to bring maximum stability to the ‘historic relations between the two friendly and brotherly countries’ In the field of trade, Iranian and Pakistani companies had an active presence in each other’s exhibitions, signing good agreements with each other.
Presence of such companies reflected huge economic and trade potentials which must be utilized to the maximum, he observed. He was sure that relations between the two countries will further expand and fresh exchanges to strengthen the cause will be seen. Governor Imran Ismail, made a heart-warming speech, thanking Iran for support to Kashmir and Muslims of the world. He said that Pakistanis valued its friendship and fraternal, historic ties with Iran from the depth of their hearts. A cake was cut later as a ceremony, so essential at these occasions. It was a memorable evening, viewed from any angle. Consuls general of Afghanistan, Germany, France, Russian Fedration, Bangla Desh, Oman, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, plus former president Mamnoon Hussain were prominent among the guests, all of who were feted to traditional Irani dish Chilo Kabab.