Pak faces upto 14-hour loadshedding amid 7,000Mw shortfall


Amid sweltering hot days, the country is being hit badly by unannounced loadshedding of upto 14 hours after the electricity shortfall peaked at 7,000MW

According to sources privy to the matter, the duration of unannounced loadshedding nationwide remained between six hours to 14 hours after the demand for electricity in the country peaked at 28,000 MW.

“There is a nationwide power production of 21,000MW, resulting in a shortfall of 7,000 MW,” they said adding that in major cities, there are power outages of an hour after every two hours.

The LESCO is also facing a shortfall of 1200 MW after its demand peaked at 5200MW as compared to a power supply of 4000MW. Lahore is facing power outages between six to eight hours.

South Asia has been in the grip of an extreme heatwave since last month, with parts of Pakistan reaching a temperature of 50 degrees Celsius as officials warned of acute water shortages and a health threat. Swathes of Pakistan and India have been smothered by high temperatures since April in extreme weather that the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) has warned is consistent with climate change. INP