Pak, China tourism cooperation



FURTHERING the scope of its relationship with China, Pakistan has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on tourism with Chinese tourism associations and forged partnership with travel agencies to promote tourism in the country.

Addressing a summit in Beijing, Pakistan’s Ambassador to China Moin-ul-Haq said Pakistan is also launching a Chinese language website called Discover Batie (Discover Pakistan) to popularize Pakistan’s rich repertoire of culture and tourism resources across China.

Firstly, our Ambassador to China really deserves appreciation for taking special interest in projecting to the Chinese people the diverse and rich landscape of Pakistan.

Ambassador Haque has formed a special task force in the embassy to rev up Pakistan’s tourism sector.

To this end, the embassy has been producing a series of Discover Batie videos to introduce every aspect of Pakistan to the Chinese people and to lure more Chinese tourists to Pakistan.

The very efforts are in line with the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan who from day one is emphasizing on promotion of tourism which indeed has immense benefits of not only projecting soft image of Pakistan but it can also contribute to the economy in a big way.

As regards attracting tourism from China is concerned, it is of special significance and will definitely prove to be an important medium to pass on the friendship between China and Pakistan from generation to generation.

We are confident that the latest MOU will go a long way in not only further attracting Chinese tourists to Pakistan but also learning experience from the successful Chinese experience in tourism industry.

Already there is a lot of goodwill amongst Chinese about Pakistan, the partnership will help us better understand the priorities and interests of Chinese tourists.

By learning their eating and purchasing habits in depth as well as extending maximum facilitation in travel, we can lure a good number of tourists from China.

Under the CPEC, it will be beneficial for both the countries to enter into joint ventures to develop joint tourism spots.

It is also for our embassies and missions in other countries to contribute to the promotion of tourism in Pakistan by showcasing the true face of their country to the world.

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