Pak-Afghan bilateral trade shows sign of improvement




The bilateral trade between Pakistan and Afghani-stan from Torkhem border post has showed signs of improvement in the wake of evolving situation in the region.

Former senior Vice President of Pak-Afghan joint chamber of commerce and industry (PAJCCI) Zia-ul-Haq Sarhadi, said Taliban, after taking over, has taken a number of pro-commercial measures ensu-ing in enhancement in trade between the two coun-tries.

Sharing details of measures which favored im-provement in trade between the two neighbouring countries, Zia said Taliban leadership focused on ease of doing business by revoking unnecessary documentation in processing of goods laden trucks.

He said now a days hundreds of trucks are passing through Torkhem border on daily basis to transport goods between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Trucks full of fresh fruits including grapes, honey-dew melon, coal, dry fruits are coming to Pakistan and in the same way trucks carrying construction material and other goods are going to Afghanistan.

Zia also shared documents showing crossing of around 659 trucks between Pakistan and Afghani-stan during the last couple of days.

The documents showed that around 363 trucks passed to Afghanistan from Pakistan including 47 of Afghan Transit Trade and 316 of export cargo.

While 203 entered Pakistan from Afghanistan in-cluding 203 carrying import cargo goods and 93 as empty coming back after supplying transit goods there.—APP

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