PAFC demands waive off taxes on imports of raw material


Pak Afghan Facilitation Committee (PAFC) on Tuesday demanded the government to waive off all duties and taxes, including the sales tax on the import of raw merchandise from Afghanistan in order to boost the exports of the country.

In a joint letter written to Federal Finance Secretary and Chairman Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) in context of budget proposals, PAFC Chairman Riaz Ahmed and its members Abdul Latif Malik and Usman Ashraf urged the government to provide relief to commercial importers on the same line of Finance Bill 2021-2022 which promised relief to registered importers in wake of sales tax.

They assured the government that if their above mentioned demands would be fulfilled then the volume of the exports of the country would increase manifold besides generating new jobs and business opportunities.

They said the carpet manufacturing industry is one of the largest cottage industries of Pakistan that bring in hefty amounts of foreign exchange as well as it is a source of employment, that also provide employment to female labour that can work at their homes hence helping the people of rural areas.

However, they lamented that carpet industry is facing some problems that are resulting as hurdles to the industry’s progress lately.—NNI

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