PA echoes with voices against expired stents



Amraiz Khan

An adjournment motion was filed on Friday in the Punjab Assembly on the insertion of expired stents to the patients by the management of Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC).

The adjournment motion was moved by Punjab Assembly Member Zahra Naqvi. The motion reads, “It is criminal negligence on the part of Punjab Institute of Cardiology administration, by inserting overdue stents which is tantamount to play with human lives”.

The motion further claimed that the stents that expired in June 2021 are still in the hospital.

The stents which expired on May 14, 2021, was inserted on July 7 into a patient named Riaz.

The stent which expires on May 14, was inserted to Sadat Nawaz on June 5. The stent which expired on July 17, was transcribed on August 4 to a patient named Ghazanfar. Dozens of stents expired in May, June and July.

The management was also informed about the expiration of the stent by various doctors but they remained unmoved.

The Chief Pharmacist and the concerned officers delivered the stent to patients despite the doctor’s indication.

Expired stents were not returned despite numerous notices issued by former MS to stent supplier. Dozens of Resolute Annex stents are still in the hospital store, the motion concluded.

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