Owner booked as his five dogs attack elderly man



In yet another incident of dog-bite in the city, an elderly citizen was badly injured after being mauled by five dogs in  Ferozabad area.


As per details, a senior citizen who walking towards his home was attacked by five pet dogs. The owner of the five dogs was also unable to save the man from his dogs’ attack.


The man was immediately rushed to the hospital by rescue workers for medical aid.


It must be noted that an alarming rise of dog-bite incidents being reported across the country with a common complaint about the scarcity of the anti-rabies vaccine.


The doctors advise inoculation of the anti-rabies vaccine shortly after the dog bite.


A victim of a rabid dog bite likely to suffer from hydrophobia – extreme fear of water, a symptom of rabies infection in humans.


The Sindh High Court (SHC) bench in October 2020 expressed displeasure over rising dog-bite incidents in the province and ordered to register an FIR against the concerned municipal officer in case of a dog-bite incident.


A bench of the Sindh High Court comprising Justice Aftab Ahmed Gorar and Justice Mahmood Khan heard a petition filed by Faheem Ahmed, a resident of Sukkur, against the rising number of stray dogs in the city.


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