Over 400 private schools closed due to economic challenges: Union



The union for private secondary schools said that more than 400 private schools have been closed over the last year due to economic challenges.

With the closimg of schools, many teachers have become jobless.

“We are currently witnessing the closing of more than 400 private schools across Afghanistan,” said Zabiullah Foqani, a member of the union.

“The institutions of higher education and education are in a difficult situation,” said Parwiz Khalili, a university instructor.

The owners of the privates’ schools said that they have closed the schools due to economic problems.

Former head of the union, Mohammad Daud Baber, said that more than 10,000 students were enrolled in the private schools.

“The increased taxes and imposition of fines restrict us from carrying out our activities as before,” he said.

“We call on the international community to address this problem,” said Ahmad Farid Musafar, head of a private school. This comes as female students above grade six have not been allowed to attend their school for nearly one year.—Tolonews

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