Outlining Pakistan’s Energy Efficiency Strategy Dr Mohazzam shares vision of energy efficiency and conservation


Zubair Qureshi


National Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority (NEECA) is all set to carry out a countrywide energy efficiency and conservation programme and for this purpose it is providing guidelines to the provinces to ensure energy efficiency through efficient use of electricity in the country. Responding to its call, Punjab has already established Punjab Energy Efficiency & Conservation Agency (PEECA) and launched various initiatives to supplement NEECA activities. PEECA has also revised its building codes with the assistance of NEECA and other provinces are also in process of operationalization and developing such projects with assistance of NEECA.
Managing Director (MD) of NEECA, Dr Sardar Mohazzam in less than three weeks, since he has taken over the charge of the authority, has rolled out an ambitious but ‘doable’ plan for saving energy in consultation with public and private sector consumers, industry and domestic consumers.
“Energy profiling of buildings, use of energy efficient appliances, smart and out-of-box solutions, all this is the mandate of the NEECA and we are determined to accomplish these goals steadily,” said Dr Mohazzam, a Fulbright Scholar for PhD in Energy and Environment Policy and AusAID-cum-Carnegie Mellon Scholar for Master in Public Policy. To a question as what exactly will be the role and mandate of the Authority, he said it is an unchartered territory.
In developed countries, terms like efficient energy use, energy profiling, energy audit, green energy etc are very common and public have complete knowledge and awareness about them but in Pakistan a lot of work and efforts are required to make them realize its importance and then implement energy efficiency standards and labelling scheme.
Dr Mohazzam said Energy Efficiency, Standards and Labelling programmes have been successfully implemented in many countries bringing significant impact in terms of availability of higher quality energy efficiency products in the market and leading to reduction in energy consumption as well as monetary savings to the consumers.
Fifteen leading fan manufacturers have so far qualified for 3-star Pakistan Energy Labels and about 350,000 energy labelled efficient ceiling fans (60-65 Watts) are expected to penetrate in the market, he said.
In the beginning we faced resistance from fan manufacturers but soon they realized that it helped them not only in saving money, energy conservation but their export also jumped many times as efficiency standards and labelling enhanced their products’ reception internationally.
On energy efficient building and green procurement plan, Dr Mohazzam said this initiative has been taken up with key stakeholders under the Prime Minister’s Directives to ensure that new public buildings to be constructed are energy efficient by incorporating provisions for procurement of energy efficient products and to design all new public buildings keeping in view the provisions of the Building Energy Conservation Code and the national and international best practices for energy efficiency in building sector.
Dr Mohazzam said NEECA has introduced Zig-Zag technology while making energy efficient brick kilns in the country with the support of International Centre for Integrated Mountains & Development (ICIMOD). Presently, 1000 Zig-Zag Kilns are already operational.
Besides, awareness sessions for energy conservation are being carried out on regular basis in various chambers of commerce & industries across Pakistan and in different universities and schools. Dr Mohazzam said without youth participation in mega energy efficiency initiatives all such efforts will result in ‘exercise in futility’. That is why we are engaging youths, university graduates asking them to come and grab the opportunity. This sector also has the huge potential for job creation, he said.
To a question which model he is going to adopt, Dr Mohazzam said he would prefer some regional model for energy conservation and efficiency. At present we are passing through agenda setting stage and preparing country’s first Energy Efficiency & Conservation strategy paper.
NEECA is working in collaboration with other ministries and divisions in sectors like New Housing Schemes, Transport, Industry & Agriculture for using energy efficient methods and appliances, said Dr Mohazzam, adding in this regard he has full support of the Secretary Ministry of Power Division and the Minister. In coming days, we are to witness huge increase in demand and a successfully energy efficiency and conservation policy will enable us to reap the benefit of Energy Efficiency and Conservation in Pakistan.