Origin of knowledge in universe | By Prof Anees Akhtar, UK 


Origin of knowledge in universe

HUMAN DNA: the Natural Organic Microchip of Universal Libraries and Pharmacies.

Human DNA is a natural molecule made up of four bases. These bases are called purines and pyrimidines and they embed chemical information in them functioning like binary codes of transistors

These four nucleotide bases carry all information and instructions to synthesize proteins in cells to build other organs and cell structures.

From these proteins, all living cells from micro organisms to human bodies, brains and consciousness are developed.

Chemical information and instructions embedded in this natural microchip are responsible for the development of a universal library of chemicals and pharmacy in the human body.

Human body, and brain developed from this DNA microchip contains all natural chemicals and elements used to manufacture drugs in the drug industries.

Therefore, activating these natural libraries and pharmacies by the techniques of meditation, intuition, imagination and concentration, including thrills of musical vibrations in body and soul to activate the feelings of imaginations and curiosity to boost creativity, could make ourselves noble, intellectual and honest in judgment.

By these practices of meditation and intuition we could also heal our minds and bodies by activating the universal pharmacy of chemicals present in our universal bodies.

Today, in modern civilizations, electronic and physical libraries full of global knowledge in the form of books, art and technologies running the modern civilizations were merely the form of knowledge embedded in this human natural chip called DNA at the beginning of life and consciousness.

This human DNA is formed during specific organization of electrons and atoms with organic or carbon compounds from which these nucleotide bases are made.

Such a specific organization which is composing life and consciousness is a mystery on the Earth that has not yet been found elsewhere in the universe.

That is why space scientists are trying to trace this molecular organization of life in other planets and galaxies so that human life could sustain and colonize in places other than Earth.

From the dawn of human civilization to contemporary societies, this knowledge from DNA was evolved in the form of consciousness in human brain by practices of intuitions, imaginations, meditations, and concentration.

It also includes the knowledge of human holy books revealed on prophets, sieges, and mystics. These imaginations were converted into revelations. This knowledge revealed by revelations remained stored in pineal glands for next generations.

The pineal gland is a specialized consciousness structure. It was reported to appear in holy brains but now it has become either a vestigial organ or has become extinct from human brains and nervous systems.

This intrinsic system of chemical information flows in human body in systematic pathways of chemical reactions that converted into chemical and electrical impulses of thought waves in neurons of human brain.

These were ultimately converted from waves of thought into haunches of thoughts and ideas, which are converted into systemic and coherent ideas and ideologies of dreamers and thinkers.

A person who becomes a habitual dreamer and thinker by applying the tools of meditations and intuitions, his or her brain’s neurons start forming networks that convert into grey matter which looks like expanding galaxies or universe in the space.

This expanding mass of neural network because of consciousness looks like bisymmetrical universe or two hemispheres of brain.

This idea of brain like a universe has now become a popular theory of “brain as a giant universe” published by Alberto Felitti who is a neurosurgeon and Franco Vazza who is an astrophysicist.

The human brain also perceived other universal information into the body through its five senses which unconsciously become a part of human subconscious mind.

The human mind in normal life routine cannot feel or imagine about these incoming oceans of waves and particles including gravitational waves from galaxies and planets embedding information and knowledge in them.

This incoming universal information becomes the part of human mind and body which could become a part of consciousness and wisdom when we try to feel them through meditations, solitude, intuitions, and concentrations.

This accumulated information in human consciousness is continuously being converted into global libraries and arts, and then technologies to sustain the human civilizations.

These secret oceans of universal information and knowledge that every human being naturally embeds into its body and mind only become the part of one’s consciousness and wisdom when he or she feels it by applying the tools of meditations or intuitions or feeling the vibrations of musical thrills.

Most of the human beings live their lives without awareness and knowledge of these secrets and mysteries of the universe and the environment.

If we deeply navigate our thoughts on this information and wisdom of our consciousness, we could see its consequences on future human civilizations.

As we know, wisdom and consciousness acquired from human natural microchip is constantly being transferred into artificial chips of silicone and quantum chips in the form of robots, computers, and electronic technologies.

Our quick navigation of thoughts on the history of this conversion of consciousness from natural DNA chip to artificial chips is the result of human intuitions, meditations, and daydreaming.

These creative and dreaming practices have great role of exploding the information and knowledge from inner universe of human into outer universe.

With the dawn of singularity in technology, consciousness, culture, and language, it could be speculated that we can imagine that by the peak of consciousness and longevity, human spirit, intuition, free will, and the will of God will remain the question mark for human dignity and freedom.

—The writer is contributing columnist, based in London.

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