Organising for success


ADDRESSING a meeting of party’s office bearers, Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday directed the PTI leaders to take effective steps to further strengthen the organizational structure of the party across the country ahead of the local government elections in Punjab and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and also called for mobilizing the party workers for success in the upcoming polls.

After the gap of about three and a half years in power, the PTI really needs to do some soul searching and put its house in order if it really wants to avoid the embarrassment it recently faced in the first phase of the KP local government elections.

Apart from some other factors, it is the political parties which themselves guide their electoral fate by developing and strengthening their organization.

The parties which invest in building professional, specialized and permanent central office staff, cultivating a large membership and developing an extensive network of visible local branch offices are better able to increase their support base overtime and thereby remain as significant players in the electoral arena.

The PTI also needs to move forward on the same lines.Whilst the PM, being Chairman of PTI, has made some important changes at the top level, it is also important to strengthen and organize the party at the grassroots level.

Genuine workers and supporters of the party should be encouraged and supported to come forward and serve the party.

Strengthening the party at grassroots level will also help better project some good work done by the government and counter the negative propaganda of the opponents.

At the same time, the PTI government will have to accelerate efforts to fulfil the promises made with the people during the electioneering.

The rising inflation has really dented its popularity.Whilst rising above lip service, the ruling party should now only focus on delivery as it faces no immediate threat from any quarter.

It is only through better organizational structure and performance that the PTI will stand a better chance in the upcoming local government or the general election.


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