Iftikhar Malik’s cogent views


AS the opposition parties have intensified their contacts with the objective of increasing pressure on the government, President SAARC Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Iftikhar Ali Malik, has underlined that Pakistan’s economy can neither endure political turmoil nor afford political instability at this crucial juncture of time.

In a statement, he said politics of confrontation, agitation, protest and violence is not a solution and instead the country deserves stability to ensure sustained economic growth.

As Iftikhar Malik has a rich economic background and knows intricacies of the national economy as well as its regional and global linkages, his analysis of the situation matters much and must be listened to by all stakeholders in the larger interest of the country.

The economy is already in turmoil because of a multitude of problems and it cannot withstand more pressures in the event of any political instability and uncertainty.

Malik has rightly pointed out that the influential countries are focusing on financial warfare to harm interests of smaller countries and our economy has to be strong to withstand economic terrorism.

No attempt should, therefore, be made that amounts to promoting the agenda of the enemy directly or indirectly.

The President of SAARC CCI has also made viable suggestions that need to be considered by the Government seriously to help resolve the economic woes of the country.

These include reduction in cost of doing business which is still very high despite repeated claims on the contrary by the Govt, consistency in policies, stringent check on smuggling of raw material and finished goods, market research and a proactive role by our missions abroad to promote exports.


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