Orangi Town nullah to be remodeled based on NED study



As Karachi’s drainage system is being remodeled following raging rains past monsoon laying great destruction to the city due to choking of rain drains and major nullahs, the secretary local bodies convened on Saturday a session on starting development and remodeling works on Orangi Town nullah as well after Mehmoodabad and Gujjar nullahs remodeling plans.

The session on Saturday was also attended by the city commissioner, and officials from Sindh Solid Waste Management Board, Water Board, and KMC, where they discussed the drainage remodeling study prepared by NED University department.

In the talks held for the application of remodeling study on Orangi Town nullah, the experts put forward their recommendations concluded the rain drains and stormwater drainage are being restored on their original shape for which the structures flanked by nullah in encroachment and their choking will be cleared.

Secretary Local Government Najam Shah said the government is now seriously taking into account the need for restoring these drains and nullahs to avoid any similar incident happened in erstwhile monsoons. Long term and well-coordinated strategies are being worked out so to ensure nullah infrastructure and their channels remain the same, said Najam Shah.

Separately earlier this week it was reported that in the drive to remove illegal encroachments and impediments from nullahs and rain drains, the local government announced to move the operations to Gujjar Nullah as well while it continued to wreck structures in violation on Mehmoodabad Nullah.

The study model of how to develop Gujjar Nullah channels on the advanced lines has been furnished with minimum removal of constructions around them. Instead of removing 150 feet adjoining the nullah, the authorities are only removing 30 feet and have begun marking the region.


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