Opp’s union meant to pressurize govt: Shibli


Observer Report


Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Senator Shibli Faraz said the only purpose of the opposition’s union is to pressurize the federal government and it cares about personal wealth, not the country.
The federal minister, addressing a news conference along with Chairman Prime Minister’s Inspection Team Ahmad Yar Hiraj, stressed that the political opponents should not waste time as Prime Minister Imran Khan is not one to yield to any sort of pressure (from his political opponents). Faraz said that there is “no chance” the opposition parties will come back to power.
“The Opposition has become so notorious that there really isn’t any chance of them ever coming back.”
“The Tehreek-i-Insaf government will not let them off the hook,” he said, adding that the Opposition is “only afraid that if the government succeeds, they will all end up in jail”.
Faraz said that no government can bring about reforms in 20 months of governance but that transparency and stability of institutions remains the PTI government’s top priority.
Shibli Faraz said Uzair Baloch joint investigation team report has proven Pakistan People’s Party’s nexus with criminals and same activities were committed by Pakistan Muslim League-N. The time has now come when corruption can no longer sustain in Pakistan, he added.
Speaking on the occasion, Ahmad Yar Hiraj said under the reforms agenda of the government, Inspection Commission has completed 24 inspections during 18 months. He said reports of these inspections have been sent to the Prime Minister and actions are being taken against the culprits involved in corruption and embezzlement. The Chairman Inspection Team said the government is paying the cost of corrupt practices that have been committed by the employees of different institutions, however, previous governments remained silent over it. Ahmad Yar Hiraj said recommendations regarding reforms in AGPR are also being sent to the Prime Minister. He said FIA has also been directed to take action against the employees of AGPR who were involved in malpractices after evaluating the details of their assets.

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