Opps to boycott in-camera briefing on national security


Opposition parties have decided to boycott the upcoming in-camera briefing of the national security committee to be held on December 6, citing the government’s “dictatorial” behaviour as its reason.

A press release by Parliament’s united Opposition stated that parties that are part of the Pakistan Democratic Movement anti-government alliance have always treated issues involving the Constitution, law, national security and general public with seriousness and attached importance to them.

The media release said that not only did the Opposition parties and their leaders attend briefings on these issues, despite the absence of the prime minister, but also provided recommendations to solve the issues.

The Opposition’s statement said that the government’s dictatorial attitude and their recent move to bulldoze important bills in Parliament prompted it to boycott the in-camera briefing session.

The press release stated that it was disappointing that the government was making Parliament a rubber-stamp institution with its recent actions.

The Opposition accused the government of not raising important issues related to external and internal threats and those concerning the common man, adding that it was tackling vital issues through such in-camera briefings.

“In reality, it is the government that has practically boycotted Parliament, which is a Constitutional and legal forum of the public,” said the Opposition’s statement. The Opposition said that the prime minister had not attended Parliamentary briefings and sessions, giving an example of a session on occupied Kashmir.


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