Opp bewildered over govt best economic performance: Buzdar

Staff Reporter

Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar has said the opposition is panicking over the best economic perform-ance of the government.

In a statement, the CM said the opposition’s brouhaha is like the pot calling the kettle black.

Those who have played havoc with the economy are hiding their faces over the best performance of the PTI-led government as it has worked day and night to improve the sagging economy, he said.

The PTI inherited a devastated economy and the opposition’s wailing is sheer hypocrisy, he continued. The people have realised in three years that the opposition is devoid of vision as it undermined the national interests to safeguard personal stakes.

The CM said the opposition’s negative role will not be remembered in good words; he added and regretted that the opposition parties have no policy nor have they done anything for the people.

They have faced defeat on every occasion; he said and regretted that politics was used for increasing bank balances in the past while the real objective of politics is to serve the masses, concluded the CM.

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