Operation against anti-environment activities conducted


The district administration on Sunday conducted a midnight operation to curb illegal gravel mining and anti-environmental activities along the banks of the Swat river. During the operation, several persons were arrested besides seizing vehicles in Tehsil Babuzai, Kabal and Brikot. It also seized seven tractors and one excavator being used in illegal activities in tehsil Kabal during the operation on Saturday and Sunday night.

Similarly, a search operation was conducted in the Ghaligai area of Tehsil Barikot under the supervision of SHO Ghaligai in which no illegal activity was found. The areas of Tehsil Babuzai were also thoroughly inspected throughout the night in which no illegal activity was seen while in the Fizagat area, the NHA team is engaged in the construction of Fizagat Road as per rules.

It is to be mentioned here that the Peshawar High Court had taken notice of the illegal activities for the protection of the river due to which stringent measures including Section 144 have been enforced across the district to protect the natural beauty and flow of the river.